How do you make your work easier and efficient, so you can concentrate on the actual work and sell more? Our system lets help you bill your clients, doesn't matter if it's a one time fee or monthly charge, we send the invoices, so you don't have to worry.

Main Features

No more Excel! Create, edit and delete clients and invoices from anywhere at anytime.

Always up to date

Our system is on fast and reliable servers on the cloud, so there's no need for your team to update or fix anything, we do it, and the information is available, anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use

Create invoices, send emails, remind clients, generate reports, charts and much more.
New features added all the time

Job posting dashboard
Fast and Secure

Your client's information is secure and belongs only to you and them; we don’t share that information with anyone. They can hack or steal your computer; it doesn't matter, without your password they won't be able to log in.

Plans for every budget

Starting from 25 USD a year, everyone can keep the order of their billing.


Create and send beautiful design invoices

One Time Charge

Create a client and then create an invoice, add items, hours and any service you can think of. Add a due date, quantity, notes and all kind of information to the invoice and client.


If you have a contract and require to invoice a client every x number of days, we can help. Recurring billing automatically creates the invoice and notifies the client before the date, then on the designated date it sends the email, and if no payment came through at the due date, we resend an email to the client reminding him of the payment.

Proposals and Quotes

Coming Soon


You can predefine items (services or products) so the next time you create an invoice, it's much easier and faster.


Create templates based on our designs with multiple configurations, so sending an invoice is as simple as it can be.

Your Indentity

To maintain your company image, you upload your logo and select the colors of your invoices, this way you integrate better with the image of your business.

Free Email Templates

We offer multiple invoices templates so you choose the one that matches better your company image, all templates will include your logo, address and other information.


Email invoices and reminders from your account, no need to download and resend, is all set up to be as easy as can be.


Send invoices in pdf that you client is able to download and print, if you client looses the email or the pdf, they can login and re generate the invoice.

Online Payment Methods

Accept online payments from your clients using paypal, stripe and payu. They pay directly to you, no rebilling commission.

Offline Payment Methods

Inform your clients of the different more traditional payment methods like bank deposits.

Payment Confirmation

When clients pay they can report it, specifying the method use and the amount. If they dont do it, you can do it for them.

Payments Database

Keep a list of all payments per invoice and in general.

Client Management

One of the most important part of our service is keeping your clients information of to date and managable.


Keep a list of all your services with names and descriptions, so it's easy to add and modify them in your invoices.

Cloud Sync

It doesn’t matter the country you are in, or the device you’re using, since the information is secure on the cloud, all the data is always up to date.


We give you a list of late payments and recent payments, so you can get to work and charge for your work.


Sometimes a client may have multiple contacts for different departments, with rebilling you can add as many as you like, complete with phone and email, dial directly and then save notes of the call results.

Keep Notes

Keep private and public notes of everything, this way your clients only see what you want them to.

Stats and Reports New

Create reports filter by clients, dates and services, complete with totals, earnings and starts.

Client Login

Your clients can optionally create accounts in ReBilling to see the recent charges, create notes and download invoices.

Up to date

Clients can change the person in charge or primary contact, so the next time you send a invoice, it goes to the correct person.

Saves Time

Your clients can download invoices by themselves and keep their own corporate and contact data by login to their account, they do it so you dont have to.

API Integrations

Coming Soon