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Is ReBilling secure?

Your information is stored in professional servers provided by companies like Amazon and others, Our encryption is 40 to 256-bit. Most browsers/operating systems work at the 128-bit level, which is quite secure according to modern security standards.

How do I pay?

ReBilling accepts credits cards using standard payments methods like Paypal, Stripe and even Apple Pay. Since our prices are low for the basic plans, we can only charge yearly, because if we charge monthly, the credit card commissions will eat up all earnings.

Do you need a website?

NO. The only thing you need to get started is an email account.

In which countries does it work?

Our service is cloud-based and works everywhere in the world and currently, is translated into English and Spanish.

Is my client's information secure?

Yes, if your client decides to register, they can only modify their information. If another ReBilling user invoices that's independent of your account. We do this so clients can maintain their information updated easily, it doesn't make sense because they update multiple times for each service provider.


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